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Since the release of the latest version of Insyston Quote (IQ), Insyston has made multiple new IQ sales, including the sale of 15 licenses to a large broking business in Western Australia. The latest upgrade includes a number of powerful new features, including the enhanced amortisation schedule and quote document, which are believed to be responsible for its growing popularity.

Insyston continues to build on its reputation of being an industry leader in Asset Finance solutions. This has been further enhanced through the provision of the exceptional calculation and quotation solutions, made evident via the recently released Insyston Mobile App. Insyston’s Market Development Representative, Tim Gillespie, believes that by providing a truly mobile asset finance solution, users now have the ability to meet customer expectations by providing a quote at any time from any location.

Contact Insyston today if you would like some more information about Insyston Quote and Insyston Mobile or if you would like to take advantage of our special product offers.

Special Upgrade Offer & Special Package Offer

Upgrade Offer

Upgrade to the latest version of Insyston Quote for $100 AUD (ex GST). The first 25 to upgrade will receive a free copy of Insyston Mobile.

Package Offer

Purchase Insyston Quote and Insyston Mobile Package for $150 AUD (ex GST).

These offers are valid until 30 June 2018.

Insyston Quote

A very powerful quoting tool for asset finance. Insyston quote has all of the power you need at an extremely affordable price.

Some of the features include

  • Quotes can be generated, printed, exported and saved for future review
  • Operating Lease/Rental, Chattel Mortgage, Finance Lease & Commercial Hire Purchase
  • Amortisation Schedule, GST on Term Charges, Luxury Car Tax, Seasonal & Structured Quotes
  • Multiple “Solve For” options including Asset Cost, Brokerage, Interest Rate and Payment

Insyston Mobile

The Insyston Mobile App includes many features that go beyond your standard mobile finance calculator.

Some of the features include

  • Level, Seasonal & Structured Payments
  • Rental, Chattel Mortgage, Finance Lease & Loan
  • SMS & Email send functionality
  • Store Quotes against contacts within the app
  • Customise settings for a user defined experience