New Collections Module for Insyston Operations

Insyston is excited to announce the new Collections module available with Operations v5.17.

At the centre of the collections module is extremely flexible filter logic for the creation and allocation of queues to collectors. These queues group assignments by key variables such as days in arrears, value of arrears, investment balance down to internal company, individual clients, financiers or regions.

Queues can be allocated to one or many collectors, with each collector gaining isolated access to their allocated queue to focus on their assignments. Whilst collectors focus on their queue, the business can focus on KPI’s with complete visibility of all assignments and their corresponding tasks and activities.

Collections Queue

Straightforward notes and tasks functionality keeps all users, not just collectors, up to date with the latest activity against the assignments.

Collections note

To find out more, please contact Insyston to organise a real time demonstration of the new functionality.